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Activités principales


Briand S.A. Law Firm
1 255 blvr. Lebourgneuf, Suite 280
Quebec (Quebec) G2K 0M6

Tel : (418) 658-0500 extension 233
Fax.: (418) 658-0936

Affiliated office:

Hervé Edgard Chrysostome Law firm
BP 544 Abomey-Calavi
Tel.: 229 97 54 38 95




Briand Law Firm represents many corporate and private clients including a variety of enterprises and non-lucrative organisms. The practice offers many services ranging from consult to contention.Pascal D. Briand always adopts a human approach while remaining result driven towards his clients’ expectations. The practice’s philosophy is to favour the path to negotiation, within reasonable limits. Indeed, the search for amicable settlement, being a final result minimizing human costs and conflicts, is often under estimated. The search for conciliation also allows to reduce financial costs.Our principal sectors of activity can be itemized as following:

  • Entrepreneur, investor and private immigration;
  • Business law (business creation, transfer and handing over, fiscal law and subsidy research);
  • Commercial law (drafting of commercial contracts, distribution contracts, conception and drafting of general conditions involving sales and purchases);
  • Foundation and non-lucrative organism law ( creation, subsidy research, lobbying and fund research consult);
  • Insurance and civil responsibility law;
  • Contract drafting and analysis;
  • Claims and lawsuits involving the SAAQ (The Québec automobile insurance Society);
  • Employment and labour law.